Monday, April 2, 2012

Healthy Parents: Meet One Sassy Nutritionist!

We’ve written an awful lot about baby & toddler nutrition on the One Sassy Doctor blog and shared an occasional recipe for parents to enjoy with little ones. This month we are taking a break from infant advice & focusing on good nutrition for mom (applies to dads also!).

Let me introduce Heather Bauer, a nationally recognized nutrition expert, author and founder of Nu-Train - a New York City-based diet and nutrition counseling center. Over the last decade, Heather has taught thousands of people how to safely lose weight and keep it off for good. Her success stories range from those working long hours on Wall Street, to doctors, lawyers, mothers, athletes and celebrities. In 2008 Heather released her first book, The Wall Street Diet, a program designed especially for busy people that don’t have time to diet. In Heather’s second book, Bread Is the Devil (January 2012), she provides time-tested strategies and a 21-day plan to help readers overcome common diet pitfalls, what Bauer refers to as “Diet Devils”. Heather sits on Cooking Light Magazine’s Nutrition Advisory Board and has appeared on popular TV and Radio shows such as The CBS Early Show, CNN, The Tyra Banks Show, FOX Morning News and Martha Stuart Radio on SiriusXM. She has also been a featured nutritionist in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Self Magazine, In Touch, InStyle, Shape, Gotham Magazine and Ladies Home Journal. Heather received her BS and RD from the University of Wisconsin and is a member of the American Dietetic Association (ADA) and the New York State Dietetic Association (NYSDA).

Our April blogs will feature eight essential tips from Heather that apply to all parents. The first, which happens to be One Sassy Doctor’s favorite, is this:

OSD: We are so excited to have you with us this month, Heather! Thanks so much. Can we call you One Sassy Nutritionist? And, would you give us your first tip?  
H: Why, sure, I’m feeling a bit Sassy today actually! Here it goes:

Don't exclude yourself! If you're taking time to pack snacks for the kids pack a few for yourself as well. This doesn't mean Goldfish or graham crackers. Throw some fiber bars and Greek yogurt into the diaper bag and you're all set!

OSD: Sounds like common sense, but tough for a lot of parents to follow through. So, Heather, give us your second One Sassy Nutritionist tip
H: Here it goes, Dr. Jen:


Avoid the double dinner—if you’re not able to have dinner as a family with healthy adult options, try and reserve time for an adult dinner after the kids have gone to bed.

OSD: Isn’t that easier said than done in most families, when we’re all so busy and tired at the end of the day? 
H: Some families have the “all eat together” option, yet many families don’t. I suggest if there are two dinner phases in your house, nosh on something while the kids are eating keep your hands busy with an orange, grapefruit or a cup of tea because these things all take awhile to consume.

OSD: So, wait until the kids are in bed? Isn’t it bad to eat late at night? 
H: I have three little kids, too, and totally get what you’re saying. However, it’s totally okay for baby, toddler or your older child to be asleep, or close by and occupied if it means a happier, healthier mom and day. It doesn’t have to be every day, yet it may be more satisfying and gives you a chance to unwind to have a grown-up meal.
OSD: Thanks for that one, Heather. Something to think about as many parents do end up eating twice! Can’t wait for more of your tips!

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