Monday, April 16, 2012

Healthy Parents: Avoid Skipping Meals

So far this month we’ve heard about everything from packing snacks to avoiding being the human garbage disposal from One Sassy Nutritionist - Heather Bauer from Nu-Train. Her tips are super practical and focus more on the behaviors around healthy eating rather than telling us what to eat. That’s what One Sassy Doctor loves about Heather, she “gets it”—that diets are short term and habits become part of our lives.

OSD: Can’t wait to hear tip #5 Heather! 
H: For a whole lot of moms, this one is a doozey, Dr. Jen, because the day can escape you!


Avoid skipping meals because you are too busy feeding the kids. Breakfast and lunch are great opportunities to try out new fruits and veggies with the kids that also fit into your healthy eating plan.

OSD: Would love some suggestions on ways to save time and pack healthy parent food while packing healthy kid food—because it’s those on-the-run times that make meal skipping occur.
H: There are plenty of kid friendly foods that are healthy! Following foods that are safe for your child’s developmental level, you can adapt what you’re preparing. For example, if you’re planning a turkey sandwich (whole wheat bread, little hummus, few slices of low sodium turkey), break up the bread and turkey for your little one. Think ahead and choose foods that can adapt for both of you!

OSD: We actually wrote about that early on in the One Sassy Doctor blog and we’ve heard that our chicken suggestions worked wonders. So, is that what you mean, make sure to think ahead when meal planning?
H: Yes, but it’s also about remembering to pack a stash—even in your car—of healthy bars & snacks so you’re ready in a pinch. We’ve all been there—running late, poop diaper alert trumps coffee & eggs for mom and POOF, skipped a meal. Try and avoid skipping a meal as it makes a big difference in maintaining your metabolic rate throughout your busy days!

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