Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toy Balls: Having a Ball With Baby

We hope you’re ready to play, because we’re all about BACK TO THE BASICS – THE FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOD TOYS for the entire month of December. If you’re looking for great, age-appropriate toys for you and your baby, you’re in the right place!

Last week we talked about the fun you and baby can have with a set of building blocks and the week before, we worked out on a play mats

This week, we want you to check your toy box to make sure you have a ball or two ready. Balls are great toys for an active toddler, giving them ample opportunity to practice walking (by chasing the ball) and they also work wonders for hand-eye coordination. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, kids should be able to throw a ball by the age of 2, but you can have plenty of fun with younger tots, as well.

Playing catch in the backyard is one way to play with a ball, but there are lots of other opportunities to incorporate this classic toy into your playtime routine. For younger kids, try sitting on the floor facing your child and rolling the ball back and forth. You can also roll a ball across a flat surface, like a table, and watch it roll right off onto the floor. Kids will get a kick out of it, and encourage your child to go find the ball after it drops and for a quick lesson in object permanence.

For infants, consider a large, soft ball that can be easily grasped in small hands, one that is safe for mouthing. Rolling the ball over your child’s body will cause lots of giggles, as well as lots of sensory input.

Sassy has a great selection of balls, and some of my favorites are the Bumpy Ball, Loopy Ball, and Sensory Ball Set.

Now go have a ball!

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