Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Getting Creative: Toys for Creative Play

It’s been a ball spending this month on BACK TO THE BASICS – THE FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOD TOYS! We have explored various aspects of the basics, and ways Sassy Baby can help fill those baby and toddler dreams

A well-stocked toy box will give you ample tools to help your child develop their fine- and gross-motor skills—and give you plenty of ways to bond over belly laughs.

Last week we talked about the value of rattles and rings. This week, we’re looking at the benefits of creative play.

Creative play lets your little one build real-life skills while enjoying herself and exercising not only her body but also her brain. Toy pots and pans, play kitchens, baby dolls, dress-up clothes—all of these let her act out the activities she sees you engaging in.

This gives her active brain a great workout. Imagination is the building block of creativity, not to mention problem solving. Spend some time role-playing with your child or let her mimic your daily chores. She’ll love to sit next to you on the floor while you make dinner, using her own pots and pans to cook up something delicious. While you’re at it, try One Sassy Doctor’s chicken– it rocks as a versatile “sharing” recipe for toddlers.

Creative-play toys are also great for helping your child develop social skills. Most babies and toddlers engage in what is called “parallel play,” meaning that they play alongside another child rather than interact with them directly. As they grow, they begin what is called “associative play,” or actively playing with their peers. Creative toys help them practice that skill with you.

I love the Sassy Mailbox (My Own Mail Soft Play Set) not only because it’s a creative-play toy, but also because it is designed to also build physical skills. You and your child will have a great time playing post office!

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