About Dr. Jen®

About Dr. Jen®

Dr. Jen® is a double board certified pediatrician, professor, researcher, educator, inventor, and nationally recognized expert in child safety. But the role she loves the most is being a mother of two sets of twins – one set of girls and one set of boys.

Inspired by her playing with her son, Dr Jen® invented the patent pending U-Play Mat®, and started her own company called Play This Way with Dr. Jen. She is also featured in the recently published book Good Enough is the New Perfect.

Dr. Jen® has several press recognitions including the American Medical News, Cool Mom Picks®, WorkingMother.com, Disney Radio, Pregnancy & Newborn, Kodak’s blog and AOL’s Parent Dish. She also maintains a very active social media presence through Twitter (@PLAYTHISWAY).

Sassy and Dr. Jen®

Dr. Jen® is One Sassy Doctor, writing from the perspective of both a mother and a pediatrician.

Sassy and Dr. Jen® have a lot in common, especially an understanding of the importance of parents’ involvement in their baby’s development. In addition to her role as the One Sassy Doctor, Dr. Jen® provides a pediatrician’s expert perspective on new Sassy products and her innovative patent pending U-Play Mat® has been inspirational for Sassy product development.

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