Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stacking Up The Fun: Stacking Toys

This month of BACK TO THE BASICS – THE FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOD TOYS, we’ve explored play mats, balls, musical instruments and now… we’re stacking up the fun even more!

Playing with your child is great exercise, for both the body and the brain. Not only do you get a workout, so do they! When it comes to toddlers, all play is physical and toys that they can manipulate will be among their favorites.

Stacking toys are not only fun, they are among the hardest-working toys in your child’s collection. If you choose a toy that has colorful rings, you can work on your child’s colors with her. The act of stacking requires sorting for size, and placing the rings on the stacker requires fine-motor skills. 

Fine-motor skills are essential for so many tasks your toddler is trying to learn. From eating with utensils to eventually learning how to write, fine-motor skills play an important role. Even potty training requires good fine-motor skills—your child needs to be able to button and unbutton their own clothes!

Along with colors, shapes and dexterity, stacking toys can be used to teach your child how to count, and how to make patterns, two pre-academic skills that will help them prepare for preschool when the time comes. Make up a memory game with the shapes, or use them to get moving by hiding the stacking rings and going on a treasure hunt! I love this set of stacking rings from Sassy.The ways you can use stacking toys to enhance playtime are almost endless!

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