Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Strolling Along, Sassy Style

Wow, did we go through a lot of strollers with these two sets of twins! I’m going to refrain from specific product suggestions here, but give you some of my tips for a start:

  1. Try it out in the store—with your kids! See how easy it is to strap and unstrap. Try to fold, with one hand (because you may only have one hand at times!). See how heavy it is. 
  2. Read online reviews—I always trust the broad scope product review sites with many evaluators and used those resources avidly. 
  3. Assure your stroller is safe. If your stroller is a hand-me-down, do an online search to assure there is no recall. Consider going to a baby store carrying the brand to check out the new version and compare. If you are missing a part, or a part is broken, call the manufacturer. 
  4. If you are going to stroller, please don’t have baby eat ravioli! (A One Sassy Doctor silly saying)—what I am getting at here is food safety for toddlers. When you are not able to see your toddler, your toddler should not be eating most foods. There are some super safe, dissolvable snacks that may work for your baby depending on her level of food mastication (chewing) and swallowing—but please be careful. 
  5. Be prepared! Think ahead. Be ready for a sassy outing with: 
    • Sunscreen—Not on babies under 6 months and specifically labeled for babies beyond that age. 
    • Sun cover-ups. 
    • Appropriate clothing—Drives One Sassy Doctor a little nutty (No pun intended, get it? Drives?) to see over-bundled babies. Think about one extra layer beyond what you would wear. Think about being stuffed into a snowsuit stuffed into a blanket stuffed into another blanket—wouldn’t that be uncomfortable? 
    • Hydration —Make sure that you and your child are well hydrated. 
    • Entertainment—Take some toys that are developmentally appropriate along for the ride. See of good examples below. 

One Sassy Doctor recommends: