Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Go-Go-Go in the Car, Sassy Style

We’ve posted all about car seat safety in the past here on the One Sassy Doctor blog. Now we’re going to go into how to make car rides, the longer ones, more enjoyable for you and for your little one.

Here are One Sassy Doctor’s tips for a fun, safe and chilled out car ride:

  1. Make sure you have a safe, secure and appropriately sized seat. If chosen properly, your baby will be comfortable in the car seat. 
  2. I’m a fan of waiting a half hour or so after a bottle or feeding to get into the car. This is mommy Dr. Jen talking, as there is no formal research based reason for this. My kids were barfers (I could go to the Olympics if vomit catching was an event). My suggestion is, if your little one is prone to an upchuck, let that crucial period after feeding pass. 
  3. If your child does vomit in the car, stop at the safest spot you can. Clean up (what to have with you coming up shortly!). It’s really not fun to be covered in puke! 
  4. Have some fun and developmentally appropriate toys for baby to play with in the car. We have some Sassy examples at the end of this posting! 
  5. Music! I’ve posted previously about my amazing voice (ha ha!)—sing it out loud or put on the radio. Consider some baby-themed CDs. I’d had enough of the musical rhymes by my second set of twins (how much wheels on the bus can one mother take!) and played music I liked with my second set. Not sure if it’s related, but one of my sons can certainly bust a move. He’s a rhythm bandit! 
  6. As with all aspects of parenting, think ahead and plan. Think about your destination and a good place to stop and refresh. Drive when you are feeling refreshed and not exhausted. Being safe is more important than being on time! 

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