Wednesday, May 9, 2012

When Is the Best Age For Toilet Training?

Reves' F: When is the best age for toilet training?

Great question, Reves'!

We’ve actually found it as one of the most common questions presented to us! You asked when the best age is for toilet training. We have one answer for you before giving you some helpful behavioral tips:You’ll know it when your child is ready! There is no “best age”. Some toddlers train by 18 months, and some take up to 3 years of age. If training issues extend beyond this, it’s good to talk through the particulars with your pediatrician.

You’ll notice some babies and toddler curious about the potty. That may not mean that they are ready for training just yet—but if you’re comfortable, have your little one observe toileting habits to understand. Some kiddos show that they are ready by simply saying “I want to go poop!” When this happens, go for it! Take these moments and use them as trials. The important steps would be to focus on the positive by praising your little one for trying (“Yeah! You tried!”). Toileting mishaps may present a mess for adults, but focusing on the positives will start the process off in a good way. At the beginning, it may be helpful to use the same toilet(s) or potty products in the same manner. You may want to sing a potty song (we used “the Muffin Man”) in our house.Make it fun & keep it sassy!


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