Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Developmental Insight into the All-New Soft Set Toys: Object Permanence

Last week, I talked about the benefits of Sassy’s new soft set toys.This week, I will spend some time discussing the developmental concept of object permanence. As your baby grows and develops, she will begin to understand that objects continue to exist, even when she cannot see them! Object permanence emerges in babies around 8 months of age. (Fun fact- the concept was coined by psychologist Jean Piaget.) In this post, I’ll discuss a couple of ways to help your baby develop object permanence.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why One Sassy Doctor Loves the All-New Soft Set Toys

In the last few posts, we have mentioned some of the new toys Sassy has created to help your child grow and develop. One Sassy Doctor predicts this new line of toys will be the new GENERATION of baby toys. Sassy GRANDCHILDREN (I predict) will be playing with this line! Why? Because they are DEVELOPMENTALLY BORN – started with pages and pages of developmental insights as a start and then the vision turned over to design & production. The heart and spirit of Sassy is about development… and that brings One Sassy Doctor to mailing a letter (not such a Sassy writing transition there!!)

The Grow Up Golf Set, Feed ‘em Up Fill n’ Dump, and My Own Mail toy sets were designed with elements of tactile development, color contrast and many familiar developmental features baby will enjoy. What makes these special are the imitation and modeling attributes, a developmental feature we will explore further in our next posting.

Grow Up Golf Set: Not a golfer yet, I love this golf set. Even though a day at the golf course is not something everyone partakes in, golf is a sport that your little one will probably be exposed to. As your baby gets older, it lets them pretend to be like Mom, Dad or a favorite golfer! The set is soft and made up of bright colors, designed for your baby to differentiate. I also love the different textures . And of course, I am always a proponent of toys you can bring on the go. The golf set has a carry-around handle that makes transporting it everywhere easy!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Developmental Insight on the All-New Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball: Exploring Textures

We’ve already told you all about the All-New Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball. There were endless developmental topics to choose in expanding upon what One Sassy Doctor affectionately calls “loopy and bumpy” – and we chose: Exploring textures.

Ahhhh the smell and sensation of smooth baby skin. We grown-ups get a lot out of the sense of touching our smooth and delicious babies, and baby gets comfort and developmental promotion in return.

When Does A Baby Start To Explore Textures?
Babies are exposed to endless textures and sensations starting from the time they are in the womb. As baby enters the world into the delivery room, for example, they go from wet and warm momma tummy to cold bright room to warm soft towel. The process has begun! As baby grows, more and more textures and sensations enter the context of daily living. Each of these new magical sensations promotes sensory and tactile (touch) development – and the more the better!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why One Sassy Doctor Loves the All-New Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball

As I mentioned in earlier posts this month, when it comes to recommendations and advice on product, know these reviews are genuine – coming from a real mom and real pediatrician.

As your baby grows, his sense of smell, sight, taste and touch are developing magically and FAST. This period of time in the life span is the maximum momentum of development (aka – it’s all downhill from baby time, moms!). As we discuss regularly on this blog, it is important to introduce your baby to new sensory stimuli during his development at every opportunity and setting that may present.

The Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball are absolutely perfect products to foster hand-motor coordination, visual development and tactile sensory stimulation.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Developmental Insight on the All-New Terry Teethers: Teething

As we mentioned last week, teething can be a tough time for both mom and baby. In this post, we discuss teething symptoms, so you can be ready for this stage in your baby’s life. Sometimes, you might not recognize that your little one is teething until you feel or see a tooth! However, if you can recognize teething symptoms early, you can be ready to help your baby ease the pain.

When your baby’s first little pearly white breaks through the gums, it can be uncomfortable or even painful. It usually begins when your baby is about 6 months old. As with many developmental phases, do not be concerned if your baby begins teething before or after the 6-month mark.. Again, it is important to understand what your baby is going through.

Here are 5 symptoms to help you determine if your baby is teething:

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why One Sassy Doctor Loves the All-New Terry Teethers

Before we start this month of product reviews on the One Sassy Doctor blog - a reminder for all of our readers: One Sassy Doctor (me, Dr. Jen®) is a real mom (of two sets of twins) and a real pediatrician. Everything you read on this blog is genuine. So when you read that I XOXO something here, it’s coming from years of experience as a pediatrician and mom.

Teething can be a challenging time for baby and parents! At around 3 to 6 months, your baby will most likely begin the teething process. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of the all-new Terry Teethers and why this unique, innovative and simply SASSY concept is One Sassy Doctor’s absolute favorite teething idea around. Next week, we will explain how to recognize teething signs, and the symptoms of teething.