Thursday, November 22, 2012

Benefits on Tummy Time Using the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat

As you know, this month we’re focused on the development of your baby, and the benefits the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy provides.

In this post, we will focus more on why your baby needs to spend some time on their front. First, I’ll briefly explain the concept of Tummy Time. Then, I’ll discuss three important benefits.

What is Tummy Time?

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I am a big proponent of Tummy Time during the day. Just so we are clear, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that babies sleep on their back- and I agree. Infants sleep safest on their back, on a firm surface free of soft bedding, pillows or soft toys. However, the AAP recommends giving your child the opportunity to also experience the tummy position when awake during the day. At about 2 months of age, baby can be placed on his tummy for limited periods of time (start with 5 minutes) and you may choose to use a small bolster under his chest. So, of course, we threw one in with the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy!

3 Benefits of Tummy Time:

  1. Tummy time will help your baby strengthen and develop neck, upper body and abdomen muscles. These muscles are important for head control, and they will eventually give your baby the strength to roll over, sit up and crawl.
  2. Tummy time provides a temporary change in head position. Newborn skull bones do not completely harden until age two, which means the head can change shape until then. Although most often the shape of the head does not have any medical significance, Tummy Time will reduce the time baby is lying on the back of his head. This, naturally, reduces the risk of developing positional plagiocephaly, or flattened head syndrome.
  3. Tummy time reduces baby’s risk for torticollis. Torticollis is tightness in neck musculature causing the baby’s head to tilt to one side. This may delay certain motor skills. Tummy time fosters development of the muscles that can help strengthen the muscles used to prevent this condition.
The Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy is a great, safe place to introduce Tummy time. You can use the bolster to help your baby keep his head up, and he will have plenty of stimuli to keep him interested. The hanging toys can even be removed and placed lower on the loops, giving baby colorful toys to focus on.

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