Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fine Motor Development and the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat

The month of November is dedicated to Sassy’s brand new Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy. In our first three posts, we talked about the safety, versatility and ease of the playmat, the 3-leg structure benefits, and gross motor skill development benefits on the playmat.

This week, we will spend some time talking about the development of fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills develop in the limbs first, followed by the hands, multiple fingers, single fingers and finally thumb and forefinger interaction. Thumb and forefinger interaction is referred to as the pincer grasp, and generally kicks in around 6 months. This grasp will allow your baby to explore more details of toys. Fine motor skills are tied with hand-eye coordination and mental development. The Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy has many colorful and textured attachments that baby can maneuver and explore as, guess what, they develop those fine motor skills!

One way to encourage fine motor development is to introduce your baby to different textures. So whaddaaya think Sassy did? Yep – you got it! Varied textures on the mat itself, and the varied attachments.

As your baby gradually, your baby will begin to pick up toys and use her fine mother skills with her fingers, you’ll find one super duper bonus – the textured teether! You can place the teether in baby's hand so she can feel the variety of textures. The teether will expose baby to new textures that she can explore with both his hands and mouth. As we’ve discussed before, baby teeth generally start coming in at around 6 months of age. One of the best ways to alleviate the discomfort associated with teething is to let your baby gnaw on something textured. Yet another reason I love this Sassy playmat!

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