Thursday, November 1, 2012

Why Dr. Jen Loves the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat

We are dedicating a full month to the inspirational, sensationally new Inspire the Senses™ Developmental Playmat by Sassy! This is a first on the One Sassy Doctor site, simply because there is so very much to dive into!

One Sassy Doctor loves the new Inspire the Senses™ Developmental Playmat by Sassy for so many reasons – enough so that we’re devoting eight postings to it!

As you know, there is a real mom of four/pediatrician behind One Sassy Doctor and anything and everything you read on this site is genuine.

To kick off the month, I’ll start by talking about the first reasons I love this playmat by Sassy - It is safe, versatile and easy!


All moms are running around doing a jillion things all the time. Knowing that developmental toys your children are playing with can be trusted as safe products is a #1 priority. The Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy is comprised of safety-tested and compliant materials, and all of the attachments have been carefully evaluated for potential choking hazards. As with all Sassy Baby products, you can be rest assured.


Most playmats have two collapsing U-shaped arches creating a four way arch system. The unique and (if we do say so ourselves) Sassy design of the Inspire the Senses™ Developmental Playmat by Sassy has three arches, which allows the inserts to go into the apparatus on top. This creates quite a sturdy set up – and allows for easy fold up. Since the arches detach into separate pieces, you can fold up the entire playmat and it will fit right into your diaper bag. You can take it anywhere!


The true test of easy set-up? Let your six-year-old and nine-year-old twins try it. We had some baby company over, and I placed the box on the kitchen floor. Within in two minutes (I timed them!) the kids popped the mat out of the box, inserted the arches into the center green piece and looped the arches into the mat itself. Then the fun began – full on attachments of the developmental toys. You can loop the toys on top and easily switch them around. 

One more highlight? The mat is machine washable!

Stay tuned, in our next post, we’ll discuss the developmental benefits of the three arch structure.

If you have any questions about the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy, please let us know on Facebook or Twitter!