Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Five Advantages of the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat

This month, we are dedicating our posts to Sassy’s spectacular new Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy. Last week, we focused on the basic safety, versatility and ease benefits that the Inspire the Senses™ Developmental Playmat by Sassy offers. In this post, we’ll focus on why the unique arch structure of the playmat is so cool and why Sassy Baby developed this totally new concept in arches.

As I mentioned last week, the arch is made up of three posts that insert into a green piece, creating a three structure rather than the standard two arch, four leg structure of most mats. This has five advantages:

  1. Stability- As we learned in geometry (if you can remember that far back!) yes, triangular structures are strong because the three sides oppose. With 3 posts, the playmat offers unique stability, so your baby will not turn over the structure. 
  2. Access- The 3-leg system provides more room to get baby in and out. It was designed to make access easy. There is plenty of space to gently lay baby on her back under the arches. It is also easy to lift baby up again without any need to remove the posts!
  3. Space- Another benefit I love about this setup is that there is free space on top of baby’s head so they can look at you. This is not only great for bonding with your baby, but it encourages more effort on their part.
  4. Adaptability- The mat was designed to adapt with your baby as he grows. The arch system is removable, which allows baby to sit up on the mat later. This is great because it allows baby to continue to learn and develop new skills and senses as they approach 6 months. There are peek-a-boo flaps on the mat that help to develop object permanence and hanging toys to help develop awareness of control.
  5. Portability - This last benefit is great for us busy moms. The 3-leg system makes it super easy to take with you, wherever your busy schedule may take you. The legs disassemble, and the mat becomes very compact.

Next week, we’ll talk about the gross motor benefits the Inspire the Senses Developmental Playmat by Sassy provides!

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