Thursday, December 13, 2012

Making Music: Musical Toys for Baby

We’re continuing these super fun holiday months with BACK TO THE BASICS – THE FUNDAMENTALS OF GOOD TOYS with a musical break.

Playing isn’t just for fun—when a baby plays, he’s really learning and growing! Fine-motor skills, critical thinking and hand-eye coordination are crucial for achieving these important milestones, and playtime helps encourage growth in all of these areas. Music is a big part of this development!

Last week, we focused on how balls can improve hand-eyecoordination and harness the energy of a newly walking toddler. This week, we’re hoping you and baby can make beautiful music together with toys that mimic instruments.

A study published in both Developmental Science and Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences shows that babies 12 months old and younger who participate in interactive music classes with mom and dad are better communicators, smile more often and have more sophisticated brain responses to music.

Musical toys foster an environment for creativity for babies and toddlers, giving them the chance to learn early improvisational skills. In fact, research revealed that youngsters exposed early to music showed earlier sensitivity to pitch structure. It also helps with motor skills, both gross and fine, as they press the keys on a toy piano or bring a recorder or other wind instrument to their mouths and blow to make a sound.

Because making music is such an interactive experience, it also gives you an opportunity to really engage with your child. The two of you can engage in a call-and-response activity, or you can simply enjoy being an audience of one for your little Beethoven. However, if you remember from way back when the One Sassy Doctor blog started, you may not want Dr. Jen singing in your house.

But - you can trust One Sassy Doctor on this one! For plenty of musical fun, I recommend the Sassy piano, guitar, xylophone, keyboard classics and trumpet.

Doesn’t that make you want to tickle the ivories with your little one?

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