Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Grief Baby Teeth!

A repost from www.playthisway.com!

Ahhhh. Baby is finally sleeping through the night and, just maybe, you are too? YOU ARE ABOUT TO ENTER THE TEETHING ZONE. We’ve all been there! And we’ve all gotten through it. But those periods when your little one is uncomfortable can be made better if you understand Dr. Jen’s TOOTHY advice:

Timing: Baby teeth traditionally start coming in between six months to one year of agegive or take a few months on either end.

Order: A baby’s first tooth usually erupts in the bottom center; then the rest follow and usually come in pairs (two lower, two upper). Most babies have a full set of pearly whites by the age of two and a half.

Ouchie: As new teeth erupt, there is minor inflammation of the gum tissue causing pain and even a low-grade fever (less than 101°F). You can help alleviate this discomfort by letting your baby gnaw on something cold and/or textured. Your baby may chew (gnaw is more like it!) on objects, too, such as a pacifier, mom’s nipples while nursing (yes, ouch, personal experience!), or even the side of the crib rail if your baby pulls to standing! If the pain is making your baby wake up at night, an appropriate dose of acetaminophen may do the trick.

Trickle: Your baby may have increased drooling during periods of teething, and the drool can irritate the skin. Use some gentle, soothing cream intended for babies’ skin during this time to serve as a drool barrier.

Hachoo: Poor Mr. Teething. He gets blamed for everything. Baby’s crankymust be Mr. Teething. Baby isn’t sleeping well, has diarrhea, has reflux, has a rash … must be Mr. Teething again! Although teething may indeed cause low-grade temperature and discomfort, make sure to run any new or unusual symptom by your pediatrician!

You’ll All Get Through It: Like all stages in the magical world of babies, the good news is….smile with those pearly whites - we’ve all gotten through it!