Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vision & Play

As a baby’s vision improves, she is better able to distinguish between different shapes, colors and movements.

While babies are able to see from birth, your baby is very nearsighted and can only focus on what is about a hand’s distance from her face. Guess what! That is about the distance your face is when you are feeding or holding her! So, make sure she gets plenty of opportunities to stare at and become familiar with your friends and family’s faces because, while she may be smiling at you from the day she is born, your baby will take a little time to get to know the others around her.

One pretty cool thing I learned, I was the best looking thing in the world to each of my babies. With no flaws, no imperfections, momma is every baby’s fashionista super model!

By about 3 months old, your baby will start to smile at familiar faces, including her own in the mirror! At about six months, your snookums will be stealing hearts with all of the giggles and coos and enjoying more social interaction. At this age, babies also begin to study faces in more detail and will begin to express both positive and negative emotions through her own facial expressions.

You might be surprised to know that newborn babies can see only black and white and grays at first. It is not until about babies are 4-5 months old that they are able to see the entire spectrum of color, starting with reds and ending with blues. Contrasting and bold colors will be easier for your baby to distinguish from more subtle colors, so look for these qualities in toys—and even in your shirt selection!

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