Thursday, October 20, 2011

Working Mother Guilt

Working mother guilt? So many moms face this struggle, and it is one you’ll wrestle with through motherhood. It is absolutely normal to feel this way, and by acknowledging this question and expressing your emotions you are taking the first step.

Here are Dr. Jen’s tips for working on “working mommy guilt”:
  1. Know you are not alone. It is totally normal to feel pangs of guilt when you are a working mother. It will ebb and flow, but never entirely go away (trust me!).
  2. Expect the unexpected, and be flexible. You’ll go through phases where it seems to be smooth and then run into the inevitable (baby sick, missing a school performance, etc.). There is not a mother on earth who does not face these challenges. Roll with the punches, and embrace the madness!
  3. Have a backup plan. It’s not always possible to have a system in place for support. Your family may not live close by, and your other mom friends may also work. But try as best you can to have strategies for support when you need it!
  4. Know that, although mommy is the best, babies can bond with child care providers and achieve the same developmental milestones. In fact, day care settings are fabulous for babies and young children to interact with others and be exposed to the world.
  5. Talk about it. Share your feelings with a friend or a significant other.

One Sassy Doctor suggests: