Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mom Balancing Act: Be Busy, But Stay Healthy

Last week I shared some general mommy-sanity saving tips. I intentionally left out one of the most important elements of mom’s balancing act: taking care of yourself.

Have you ever felt like your own body and mind come last on the list of priorities? Who can even think about popping in a yoga video when you are covered in poop, the phone is ringing, and your chicken is burning in the oven! Trust me, this One Sassy Doctor is the furthest thing on the planet from a “zen” momma. (Just ask my husband!) However, over the past eight years of being a multi-tasking mother, I have developed four simple tips that I live by and want to share with you:
  1. Plan your meals. I find that thinking in advance about meal planning for your family—and yourself—makes for a much healthier week. I “batch cook” on Sundays and get a lot of my lunches and dinners ready ahead of time. I know that this Sunday, we’re making a big pot of chicken soup, and I’ll throw in some extra veggies to have with brown rice for lunch. I’ll be sharing more tips on this in the future so stay tuned!
  2. Stare at the wall when you can. This may sound silly or kooky, but I literally walk in the house after work, say hi to my kiddos and give a hug, and go upstairs to get changed. Then, for 5 minutes (or 15 depending on what’s going on), I lie on my bed and “veg out”. This is my time to switch out of my super-doc-mom cape and into full time super-mommy, I cherish that little moment of transition and plan for it. You may choose to do something else (like read a book) – but try and take a chill moment when you can.
  3. Savor moments when you can move your body. A little exercise makes a tremendous cumulative difference in our health and wellness. Not everyone can get to the gym or run outside consistently. If you are not a regular exerciser, start with a walk around the block with your kiddos and build up. Moving makes us balanced and more effective in our mommy mayhem lives.
  4. Let go! Embrace imperfection and give yourself a break. None of us feel like we’re doing it all right all the time. Pat yourself on the back. You’re doing a great job, sassy momma!

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