Thursday, October 4, 2012

Developmental Insight on the All-New Terry Teethers: Teething

As we mentioned last week, teething can be a tough time for both mom and baby. In this post, we discuss teething symptoms, so you can be ready for this stage in your baby’s life. Sometimes, you might not recognize that your little one is teething until you feel or see a tooth! However, if you can recognize teething symptoms early, you can be ready to help your baby ease the pain.

When your baby’s first little pearly white breaks through the gums, it can be uncomfortable or even painful. It usually begins when your baby is about 6 months old. As with many developmental phases, do not be concerned if your baby begins teething before or after the 6-month mark.. Again, it is important to understand what your baby is going through.

Here are 5 symptoms to help you determine if your baby is teething:

  1. As you might be able to imagine, babies can be irritable when teething. It hurts when a tooth breaks through a swollen and sensitive gum (OUCH!). If your baby cries or fusses more than usual, it could be teething. Look for the next symptoms to determine if teething is the culprit. 
  2. Your baby may have more trouble than usual sleeping through the night. Keep a close watch on his sleeping habits around teething age.  
  3. Your baby may also start to bite his fingers or objects around him to help relieve the pressure in their gums. Pay close attention to changes in your little one’s habits. 
  4. If your baby is drooling more than normal, this could also be a sign of teething. 
  5. Teething may also cause a slightly elevated body temperature. If your baby’s temperature rises above 99F or 100F, contact your doctor.
One way to help alleviate your baby’s pain is to use a terry teether, as we talked about last week. Terry Teethers are a safe, fun and innovative way for your baby to ease the teething pain.

As always, contact your pediatrician if you have concerns about your baby’s teething process.

Don’t worry moms, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. When your baby is approximately 3 years old, she will have all 20 of her primary teeth! And then it’s tooth fairy time—we’re under our four kids’ pillows on a weekly basis these days! Save your dollars!!

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