Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why One Sassy Doctor Loves the All-New Terry Teethers

Before we start this month of product reviews on the One Sassy Doctor blog - a reminder for all of our readers: One Sassy Doctor (me, Dr. Jen®) is a real mom (of two sets of twins) and a real pediatrician. Everything you read on this blog is genuine. So when you read that I XOXO something here, it’s coming from years of experience as a pediatrician and mom.

Teething can be a challenging time for baby and parents! At around 3 to 6 months, your baby will most likely begin the teething process. In this post, we will discuss the benefits of the all-new Terry Teethers and why this unique, innovative and simply SASSY concept is One Sassy Doctor’s absolute favorite teething idea around. Next week, we will explain how to recognize teething signs, and the symptoms of teething.

Babies will engage in hand/mouth behaviors with objects totally unrelated to teething – yet teething can trigger these behaviors because they are comforting. I love Sassy’s new Terry Teethers because the developmental spirit behind the design focuses on comforting baby through this period.

Here are the top four reasons I recommend Sassy’s new teethers:

The Material:

The Terry Teethers are made of safe terry cloth, which provides an interesting and soft texture for your baby to gnaw on. Pediatricians and moms know that babies chew on socks or washcloths- not always safe because of loose fibers and the potential for choking. Sassy is introducing an innovative, new alternative! The textured surface will help massage your baby’s inflamed gums. And it comes with an extra bonus- the teethers are machine washable!


The Terry Teethers are BPA-free, PVC-free, and Latex-free. Safety first! Sassy understands parents’ concerns and follows all current material related standards – if One Sassy Doctor is recommending anything that goes into your Sassy Baby’s mouth, it fits these safety criteria. Also regarding “germ” safety, the teethers can be washed in gentle detergent!


Talk about versatility! You can soak the Freezies Terry Teether in water or chamomile tea to make baby’s gums feel even more relief. The teethers can even be placed in the freezer! Just wet the teether with water, place in a freezer bag and remove in an hour! The cold will make inflamed gums feel so much better.


The Terry Teethers are made in fun shapes and colors. As opposed to a boring washcloth, these teethers come in fun shapes like strawberry, watermelon and grapes!

The teethers are recommended for ages 3 months and up. I truly wish these were around when my kids were teething!

Next week we will explain how you can tell when your baby is teething. Stay tuned!