Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Why One Sassy Doctor Loves the All-New Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball

As I mentioned in earlier posts this month, when it comes to recommendations and advice on product, know these reviews are genuine – coming from a real mom and real pediatrician.

As your baby grows, his sense of smell, sight, taste and touch are developing magically and FAST. This period of time in the life span is the maximum momentum of development (aka – it’s all downhill from baby time, moms!). As we discuss regularly on this blog, it is important to introduce your baby to new sensory stimuli during his development at every opportunity and setting that may present.

The Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball are absolutely perfect products to foster hand-motor coordination, visual development and tactile sensory stimulation.

Here are four reasons One Sassy Doctor LOVES the Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball:

1) Color Variation
Both balls are rich, vibrant, contrasting and bright colors. This is exactly what your baby will SEE best and RESPOND to best -and why Sassy chose to design the balls this way.

2) Texture Variation
Both balls are (hence the names!) loopy and bumpy! There are texture variations galore amongst the various components on each ball. This promotes tactile development and is fun for baby to explore- with the hand and even the mouth.

3) Noise (but not too noisy!)
Loving the rattle – and loving that it’s not too loud! One Sassy Doctor loves those toys that baby can enjoy with parents up close – but don’t overwhelm the environment. Also, the noise is self-generated in using the toy, so it’s only making sounds when baby creates the action to elicit the outcome.

4) Safe, Compact, Portable
These are perfect on-the-go toys as they are lightweight and compact. Baby can be kept DEVELOPMENTALLY busy in the car seat, waiting for food preparation or in a stroller using these two.

Parents are juggling a lot of balls in the air at the same time (no pun intended!) – try these two new and SASSY products for your little one. These also make super adorable and affordable add-on for baby gifts – tie it on top with a bow!