Thursday, October 18, 2012

Why One Sassy Doctor Loves the All-New Soft Set Toys

In the last few posts, we have mentioned some of the new toys Sassy has created to help your child grow and develop. One Sassy Doctor predicts this new line of toys will be the new GENERATION of baby toys. Sassy GRANDCHILDREN (I predict) will be playing with this line! Why? Because they are DEVELOPMENTALLY BORN – started with pages and pages of developmental insights as a start and then the vision turned over to design & production. The heart and spirit of Sassy is about development… and that brings One Sassy Doctor to mailing a letter (not such a Sassy writing transition there!!)

The Grow Up Golf Set, Feed ‘em Up Fill n’ Dump, and My Own Mail toy sets were designed with elements of tactile development, color contrast and many familiar developmental features baby will enjoy. What makes these special are the imitation and modeling attributes, a developmental feature we will explore further in our next posting.

Grow Up Golf Set: Not a golfer yet, I love this golf set. Even though a day at the golf course is not something everyone partakes in, golf is a sport that your little one will probably be exposed to. As your baby gets older, it lets them pretend to be like Mom, Dad or a favorite golfer! The set is soft and made up of bright colors, designed for your baby to differentiate. I also love the different textures . And of course, I am always a proponent of toys you can bring on the go. The golf set has a carry-around handle that makes transporting it everywhere easy!

Feed ‘em Up Fill n’ Dump: With this toy, you can ensure that your little guy is learning while playing. It encourages motor skills by filling the bag up and then dumping it out again. Babies love this activity! Like the golf set, it is full of bright colors to catch your baby’s eye and keep him interested. This safe set also has a rattle, squeaker, chime and crinkle to teach your baby cause and effect, as we discussed a couple weeks ago.In addition, it has an apple, broccoli, eggplant, and watermelon. Sassy encourages healthy eating (LINK) from the youngest age possible, developed with One Sassy Doctor’s colorful plate goals in mind.

My Own Mail: The mailbox is a great object permanence activity (more about that in our next post). My kids were fascinated with checking for mail every day. They loved peeking inside as I opened the mailbox. As your little one gets a bit older, they can mimic mom and pick up their own mail each day. One of my favorite features is the mirror on the flag. It is easy to manipulate and fun for baby to look at!

Next week, I’ll talk more about toys and object permanence, another important lesson for baby. Stay tuned!