Thursday, October 11, 2012

Developmental Insight on the All-New Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball: Exploring Textures

We’ve already told you all about the All-New Loopy Ball and Bumpy Ball. There were endless developmental topics to choose in expanding upon what One Sassy Doctor affectionately calls “loopy and bumpy” – and we chose: Exploring textures.

Ahhhh the smell and sensation of smooth baby skin. We grown-ups get a lot out of the sense of touching our smooth and delicious babies, and baby gets comfort and developmental promotion in return.

When Does A Baby Start To Explore Textures?
Babies are exposed to endless textures and sensations starting from the time they are in the womb. As baby enters the world into the delivery room, for example, they go from wet and warm momma tummy to cold bright room to warm soft towel. The process has begun! As baby grows, more and more textures and sensations enter the context of daily living. Each of these new magical sensations promotes sensory and tactile (touch) development – and the more the better!

What Are Some Ways Adults Can Promote Texture Exploration?
Well, of course we’re going to suggest using the loopy ball and bumpy ball – the perfect toys for sensory exploration. Yet there are other ways to introduce textures to baby! For example, safely feel the surface of a smooth lemon and a mushed banana and watch closely as you learn together. Massage baby and experiment with tickles and taps and stroking different parts of the body. You’ll see baby respond indicating she or he does feel the difference in your touch. And please send along a sassy toe tickle from me, okay? Don’t forget bath time using a warm sponge or the sensation of tickling water.

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