Monday, January 9, 2012

Sassy Silly Ways to Have Fun: Vision—Part One!

We’ve written about baby vision on previous One Sassy Doctor posts. Initially, a newborn can see only about 8 to 12 inches from his face and tries to focus when close up to something fun, like mommy’s face. Initially, babies are not able to focus on objects that are far away, so if you’re waving a red flag across the bedroom as you do a silly dance, don’t be offended if only your partner is laughing at you. One note: young babies do respond to bright light and actually prefer (as noted by eye opening) lower light. Babies love faces, bright colors and high-contrast patterns with movement. So, how can we have some Sassy silly vision fun?

Here are two “teaser” ideas for this week, and we’re going to taunt you with a second posting on Sassy silly vision ideas later this week (so stay tuned!): 
  1. Show your gorgeous face! No matter what you look like, your baby thinks you’re gorgeous! :) Carpe Diem, mommas of the world! Relish the attention, daddies of the universe! Your baby loves your nose (big one, small one, hairy one), your mouth and your eyes. Bat those eyelashes, pucker those lips and show baby what your pretty face is all about!
  2. Show off some toys. Just guess what kinds of toys One Sassy Doctor loves and recommends? Yep—you’re really on the Sensory Ball here! Sassy products are designed with baby development and vision stimulation in mind. Human faces, bright colors, contrasting patterns and movement are the things a newborn likes to look at best. Black-and-white pictures or toys will attract and keep your baby's interest far longer than objects or pictures with lots of similar colors. Even a crude line drawing of two eyes, a nose and a mouth may keep your infant's attention if held close within range.

One Sassy Doctor recommends: