Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Sassy Silly Ways to Have Fun: Hearing—Part Two!

Earlier this week we talked about why engaging in hearing silly activities is a good thing for baby. We went over some ways babies automatically engage in fun with mom while still in the womb such as the heart beat and digestive system sounds.

So, back to the fun! Here are some Sassy silly ways to have fun with hearing, outside the womb:
  1. Make gentle noise with household objects that are diverse and not appearing to disturb your baby. This can be anything from gently banging spoons together, to brushing teeth to running the water! Turn pages in a book and point out the noise. Listen for guests driving to your home and point out the sound of the car!
  2. Read some more! We talked about this in the vision post last week. In regards to hearing, use character voices, vary your tone, pace of speech and express emotion.
  3. Oh yeah, baby! We’re singing again. You can’t get enough of me talking about singing on this blog, can you? Don’t be shy. Your baby thinks your voice is amazing. If they don’t, they’re not really going to be able to get the words out yet to tell you.
  4. Use multiple languages—ones you know or ones you may want to learn! If you have a family friend who speaks a different language, ask for some words. Go online and pick a few. Babies absorb language like little sponges when they are young.

One Sassy Doctor recommends: