Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sassy Silly Ways to Have Fun: Touch—Part Two!

Last week we focused more on the younger babies and soft tender touches between parents and newborns. This week we’ll focus more on the 6 month and up crew—with some activities that can be expanded to toddlers, too!
  1. Explore different textures! Take a feather and stroke it on baby’s leg or tummy. Take an apple and do the same (tickly or smooth). Say the words and talk about the sensations and how these are different
  2. Massage your baby! Be gentle and assure any lotions are safe for baby. Gently massage the legs, arms and back!
  3. Tickle your baby’s toes.
  4. Kiss—there is nothing better that a smoochie attackon baby. As One Sassy Doctor, I have to remind the smoochers out there to avoid smooching on the mouth to reduce the risk of transmitting infection and to avoid slobbering when you have a cold! 
  5. Raspberries—ooooh, such a fun thing to do. Do you know what raspberries are? You take your mouth and make a (we’ll just use the word passing gas) sound on baby’s tummy. It’s a different kind of touch and will make baby squeal with delight!
  6. Water—when you are safely with baby by the tub, talk about water and what “wet” is. Safely get baby used to the feeling of water..Explore different kinds of touch in the water—squirt your baby’s arm with the Stay-Clean™ Silly Squirts™ and use other fun bath time toys that scoop, pour or strain water.When you’re facing a rainy day, step outside for a moment and have baby feel the raindrops. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch a rainbow!

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