Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Month of Sassy Care & Love

Be our valentine!

Here at Sassy Baby, we have heartfelt feelings that dedicating the month of February entirely to baby care will be a special way to celebrate one of our favorite holidays! These informative posts will be great resources for you to pass along to friends bringing home a little one, and we love when you share our postings online! Just let us know so we can thank you for spreading our Sassy love!

We are going to focus on eight areas during the first month of life that parents have asked One Sassy Doctor questions about in cyberspace. Before we begin, a big thank you to those of you who have tweeted and asked us questions on Facebook about baby care.

Let’s start with the sponge bath, part one!

Why a Sponge Bath? 
During the first few weeks of life, a sponge bath is the safest (and Sassy-iest) way to clean your little pookie. This is because the umbilical cord stump can remain dry while still gently cleaning baby’s skin. Also, it limits the time babies are exposed to (the somewhat unpleasant) cold air during bathing. Finally, sponge baths can be done safely and efficiently with those slippery little ones.

How Often Do I Give a Sponge Bath 
During the first month, babies certainly do not need baths more than 2-3 times a week. This is because natural oils present on your baby’s delicate skin are protective, and soap actually removes this natural barrier.

What to Use For a Sponge Bath
  • Three clean washcloths
  • warm water
  • a light towel
  • mild soap
  • a small basin
  • a waterproof pad
  • a warm towel and
  • a safe location are all you need.
I found the best location for a sponge bath to be in the crib for the first few weeks! I chose the crib to avoid the hazards of running hot water & the possibility of a slippery little baby and a hard bathroom/kitchen floor. I also found it easiest for my aching back & recovering C-Section tummy.

Are you excited to learn more about our Sassy sponge bath advice? Well, stay tuned, and we’ll be posting part two this Thursday.

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