Monday, February 6, 2012

How to Give Baby a Sponge Bath

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In our last post, we talked about why we give sponge baths to young babies in the first few weeks, how often & what to use. In this posting, we’ll go over the Sassy sponge bath steps!

What Temperature? 
Babies will not enjoy water that is too cold, but making it too hot can be uncomfortable—or even dangerous. Baby skin can easily be burned by hot water, at a lower temperature and shorter time frame than adult skin. Buy a small thermometer to test the water. Generally baby skin can tolerate water up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit before the water becomes uncomfortable.

What Position? 
Although some experienced baby mamas and nurses in the hospital have all kinds of fancy tricks, I am on the more conservative side (of everything!) when it comes to safety. Put baby on his back, covered with a waterproof pad underneath and covered on the bottom with a warm towel. Make sure your baby is in a safe environment for the sponge bath.

I suggest using three washcloths: one dry, one a little soapy (remember, mild soap!) and one wet. Progress to wash baby from head to toe, assuring you cover the eyes with a dry cloth when washing the hair and are extra gentle (using the wet, not soapy cloth) around the eyes. Gently wash the ear folds (not inside!) the neck, chest, genital area (don’t be afraid to gently wipe the wet cloth in around the genital area—boy or girl) and rectal area. As you move down your baby, you can cover baby up to stay warmer with the towel, obviously making sure not to cover the head. Wash those legs and tootsies, too.

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