Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ask Baby! What Can You See Newborn?

This month, we decided to ask baby some questions! Introducing our birth to 4-week-old baby, Max, and two questions about vision.

OSD: How far do you see, Max?
Max: I see just a few inches away, at most I see about 8 inches. So, when you come close to me and goo-goo, I like it! By the time I am one month old, I will see 2-3 feet ahead of my cute little face, so you can set yourself aback a bit more, and I’ll still see you.

OSD: So now we know how far you can see, but what are you actually able to see?
Max: I’m trying my best to develop visual skills, but right now I can only see stripes with stark contrast; such as those Sassy makes! Even though I need sharp contrast, I can see very fine lines of black and white, as teeny tiny as 1/8 to 1/16 of an inch or about the width of a pencil point! I think that’s pretty cool. While my mom and dad see perfectly at 20/20, my overall visual acuity is only about 5% of that. In medical words, it’s 20/400. Although I am seeing “blurry” when I’m born, by four weeks I improve quite a bit. When you show me toys and objects with stark contrast and bold colors (black, white and red are the best!), you are actually helping me to develop my vision, so a big thanks to you!

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