Monday, March 5, 2012

Ask Baby! Newborn Baby's Perspective On Vision

Earlier this week, we asked baby Max some initial questions about vision. Today, we’re taking it a step further with a bit more detail about vision. Welcoming back baby Max, our birth to 4-week-old little friend!

OSD: When things move back and forth, can you follow them?
Max: Hey, I’m a baby, and even I know that’s called tracking. I am trying very hard to learn, but right now I am not able to track very much. I may look cross-eyed when I try. Don’t worry about that, it’s the way I am supposed to look!

OSD: Do you like the light?
Max: I am actually very sensitive to light. Right now, I will close my eyes in bright light and I prefer a dimly lit room. That’s why you see me closing my eyes when you turn on a lamp. After all, I was in my mom’s dark uterus for the past nine months!

OSD: How is your hearing?
Max: Well, I passed my mandatory hearing screening at the hospital. Some of my buddies didn’t pass, and they may answer this question a bit differently (you can talk to their pediatricians!). Right now I am what the grownups call “auditory dominant”, meaning my hearing skills take precedence to my visual development. When I jump or “startle”, it doesn’t always mean I am hearing a loud noise. It may be one of my super cool inborn reflexes and not tied to sound.

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