Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Ask Baby! Interviewing Baby About His Senses

Today we’re going to continue our series of interviews with baby and learn a bit more about baby Max’s senses.

OSD: How do you perceive touch?
Well, I am super sensitive. My skin is much thinner than yours. I have pain, touch and temperature receptors much closer to my skin surface that yours. I feel vibrations much more than my older friends. I absolutely love the soft, tender, warm feeling of skin-to-skin contact. I’ll also tell you that I love different textures and feeling various types of sensations. This helps my touching sense develop and mature.

OSD: So you’re not eating a very exciting repertoire of food these days, but tell us about taste?
Umm, excuse me? Breast milk and formula happen to be very exciting to my taste buds. Speak for yourself there. I was born will fully developed taste buds that natually prefer (you guessed it!) sweet tastes rather than salty or bitter. Thanks to mother nature, breast milk and it’s bosom buddy formula are exactly what my taste buds prefer right now.

OSD: What’s sniffing around in your sniffer these days?
M: Are you asking me if I can smell, One Sassy Doctor? Well, the answer is yes! I have a highly connected sense of taste and smell and do naturally prefer nice, sweet and gentle scents. When I wince or turn my head towards a toxic smell (like my soiled diaper!), I am likely reacting just like anyone else would. In fact, the feeling of being wet and smelly is part of how my little body lends itself to crying.

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