Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ask Baby! Language Development—How Does It Work?

We’re deep into our interview series with our 4-8 month old baby, Isabella. We’re learning so much about what baby Isabella sees, feels, touches and smells. In fact, here at Sassy Baby Toys, we’re all about inspiring the senses and are soaking up all of this knowledge that baby Isabella has to offer as we design the most developmentally advanced products imaginable!

OSD: Tell us about your language development. (We already know you’re a super baby because you’re answering our questions so well!)
I: Oh, I have enjoyed being a one month old. It’s a great time for me to start hearing new sounds. I love mom’s voice pointing out objects around us and I love hearing anyone sing. I love electronic toys that have a sound related to an action—like if you press a button it makes a cool “Whooossie!”. I am hearing sounds already at my young age that will help me understand and synthesize the building blocks of early language!

OSD: I think I know the answer to this already, Isabella, but do you like music?
I: I LOVE IT! When you put me to bed at night, I sometimes sneak out to rock concerts (hee-hee, gotcha!). I prefer lighter sounds to sharper sounds. I love slow and lulling music—hence why lullabies are so popular with my buddies. I also enjoy routine sounds around the house and vibration is like a sound to me, too. That’s why I coo sometimes when you use your blow dryer or the washing machine—it’s like music to my ears!

There are no particular changes in taste, smell or touch by this stage—continuing to explore textures and smells in toys is terrific.

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