Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ask baby! Interviewing Baby On His Hearing

This month is an interview series with the 0-2 month old babies of the words. That’s right! Here, live on One Sassy Doctor, your baby is telling us like it is. We also turned to Twitter to see what our @sassybabytoys followers would ask their own babies (if their babies could respond!). We are continuing to interview our 0-4 week old baby, Max, today:

OSD: So, little Max – did you hear me singing to you in the womb?
M: Actually, yes, I can hear in the womb. I certainly remember that you sure like to sing but may not be as great as dad.There’s a super cool study that my baby buddies participated in to answer this very question. The smart researchers had babies listen to music while inside their mom’s tummy, and then didn’t have the babies hear that music for the first year of life. At one year, babies then demonstrated a preference for the songs they were exposed to while mom was pregnant (again – they did not hear that song for a year!).

OSD: Do you prefer being exposed to familiar objects and persons or do they want something new all the time?
M: You know the answer to that! I love what I know – and I know what I love. I love sounds I heard when I was in your womb – like your heartbeat and the sound of running water (umm, not to embarrass you, but it’s from living near your intestines for 9 months!). I also love the familiar exposures I’ve gained from outside the womb – like your face, your smell and my safe sleep spot.

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