Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Can Babies Sleep in Baby Swings?

Many people ask about the safety of babies sleeping in baby swings. Safety wise, the best place for a baby to sleep is flat on the back on a surface that is firm & designed for sleep (like a crib), free of any soft bedding or toys. When a baby falls asleep in a swing, they are in an upright position or even slumped over a bit. If you notice that your baby has fallen asleep in a swing, gently transition your baby to a safer sleep space.

Regarding sleep training, even as young as three months of age, your baby is learning sleep habits that will help her eventually sleep through the night. If she’s associating the rocking motion of the swing with the onset of sleep, it’s going to be that much more difficult to establish healthy sleep routines. Babies need to learn to fall asleep without stimulation so that when they wake up at night, they do not require a grownup to go back to sleep! In other words, you’ll sleep longer if you teach your baby to fall asleep by herself.

Maintaining a healthy sleep routine is a key component to sleep training. One Sassy Doctor is working closely with the brilliant minds here at Sassy as we explore very cool products & programs for sleep coming in 2012. Get into healthy habits now—so by the time we’re ready with new sleep training products, you can tell us how you did it!