Monday, December 19, 2011

Ho Ho Ho! Think Safety In Your Ho Ho House During the Ho Ho Holidays!

This is not going to be a relaxing blog post. Sorry, One Sassy Doctor fans, we’re popping balloons and pouring egg nog in the toilet for this blog post!

You’re enjoying egg nog: Think: Toddler spills egg nog, so toddler gets burned. Toddler drinks (alcohol-laden) egg nog, so toddler drinks alcohol (not a good thing).

You’re decorating your gorgeous Christmas tree: Think: Toddler trips on a cord and the tree topples over; baby is bundled next to the pretty tree and the tree topples on baby; baby picks up popcorn string decorations and eats them. Yikes!

You’re lighting holiday candles: Think: Little ones like the sparkling light, so they climb up to reach candles and get a burn.

You’re unwrapping presents: Think: Strings from wrapping paper, plastic wrap, small pieces of Styrofoam or other wrapping materials can become a choking or strangulation hazard.

You have a house full of people and a lot of hot food: Think: Always know where babies and toddlers are. First of all because just like that, a curious one may wander away. Think about open doors or open water areas, and always making sure an adult is the designated “baby watcher.”

You’re celebrating with latex balloons. One Sassy Doctor is the party pooper of the century. Think: Latex balloons are not safe around children and should not be used around young children (0-5 or older children with hand-to-mouth behavior). Popped balloon pieces are attractive to young children and are the ideal choking/suffocation risk.

Please see our posting from last week and the week prior on specific toy & play safety issues around the holidays!

Sorry for the downer posting today—told you this wouldn’t be a (fruit and nut) cakewalk!