Monday, December 26, 2011

A One Sassy Doctor Original Holiday Poem

One Sassy Doctor has written a poem for you all to enjoy. Yes, I can’t sing, but I write a mean poem.

It’s holiday time, and the snow is a falling,
And the kids and the kids and the kids are a–calling;

Baby woke early, toddler jumps on the bed;
What hurts more—your back or your head?

Sippy cups dry, diapers soaked wet,
But it’s holiday time! So don’t even try and fret!

Smiles and laughter and presents and food—
Mom’s supposed to be smiling and in a great mood!

But that’s not always easy with all there’s to do,
And when you can’t tell if that brown stain is chocolate or poo!

Mom, I am hungry, and I just made poop!
Mom, I just dropped my paci in the chicken soup!

You’re baking your cookies; you’re wrapping with glee
And your kid is allergic to your gorgeous holiday tree!

Or maybe it’s croup, or is the dog barking?
Honk! Honk!—It’s your in-laws—two hours early & parking.

Turkey in the oven and a casserole of beans;
What are you going to do when these kiddos are teens!?!?

From One Sassy Doctor, who’s also a mom of four, too—
Please take this advice as it’s directed at you:

Take a breath, walk the walk, ask a friend for a shoulder;
Because we’ve gotta enjoy this time—we’re only getting older!

Ask for help when you need it, and realize parenting is hard,
It’s you who deserves the holiday card!