Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dr. Jen® Family Fun Tips: Baby Toes

And there’s no pun intended with that title (tips, get it, tippie toes!). You’re going to have to get used to One Sassy Doctor’s sassy sense of humor, just laugh, ok? Tootsies, there's something magical about baby feet. To a baby—yes! But also to this momma!

I absolutely loved playing a whole bunch of silly games with the forty baby toes I was blessed with. Yes, four kids = forty toes. Lots of clipping! Lots of fun!

Here's a few ideas for tootsie play:
  1. Smelly—Sniff your baby’s feet (you know you love that smell!), and make a silly face while telling baby how stinky you think his feet are!
  2. Count—Wiggle each of those itty bitty toes while counting up to ten and back down again.
  3. Tickle—Use your own finger or a soft fabric to make your little one wiggle and giggle with glee!
  4. Peek-a-Boo—Cover your eyes with your baby’s feet to play a fun game of peek-a-boo. This is a great game to play after changing a smelly diaper.
  5. Up & Down—Make your baby’s feet dance up and down!
  6. Kiss and Blow on Them—Show your little sweeties just how much you love every little piece of them by kissing each of their tiny toes.
  7. Nibble on Them—Pretend you are biting each of those yummy toes and talk to baby about how you could just eat her up!
  8. Raspberries— Make a raspberry! (Okay, let’s get comfortable, you know the sound we can make with our mouths like passing gas!) Babies LOVE raspberries!
  9. Disappearing Toes—Cover their tootsies with a blanket and ask, “Where’s baby’s toes?” This is a great exercise that will eventually establish the concept of object permanence with your little one.
  10. Pull Socks On and Off—Babies love to take off their socks, so have fun and make a game out of getting dressed in the morning! Put baby’s socks on and pull them off again. As your baby gets older, let him pull his own socks off to find his feet!

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