Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Blogging and inventing were the last things on my mind when I became a pediatrician 10 years ago and a mother seven years ago. Now after two sets of twins (little girls, and then little boys) and my invention (the U-Play Mat®), I’ve become One Sassy Doctor. How did that happen?

If you asked me what my favorite baby toy was for my girls, it was the Sassy Look Book. As a working mom, it was my connection to my little pookies while I was at the office.

If you asked me what my favorite baby toy was for my boys, it was this little purple horse—you’d pull its leg and it would “Neigghhhh”. Wouldn’t you know, it was also a Sassy toy? I can close my eyes and feel the memories of my sons cooing and squealing with joy when we’d play with that little horsie!

Fast forward to 2008—I was playing with my son, and had the idea to invent a play mat that surrounded him, shaped like a big “U”. My husband and I designed, manufactured, and sold a bunch of U-Play Mat® units, and soon realized we had a unique and special idea, and wanted to do more with it. We also created the Dr. Jen® cartoon, a way to associate the real Dr. Jen (the real me) with the writing, blogging, tweeting and inventing that went along with our message.

One day on Twitter, a writer for the American Medical News—a national newspaper covering medical stories—stumbled across my profile and wrote a story about my U-Play Mat® business. The rest was history. My phone rang. Susan Hinshaw, Sassy’s Vice President of Marketing, was on the other end. What Susan was doing reading the American Medical Newspaper defines who Susan is—what Sassy is all about—people and a company with roots in development and products with credibility behind them. We hit it off immediately because we shared the same philosophies on play and parenting, and that’s what ONE SASSY DOCTOR is all about. This blog is all about play, parenting, development and everything that makes Sassy, well … so sassy!

Sassy gets it. Sassy invented my two favorite baby toys. Sassy’s line of developmental toys, feeding and care products represent the best of the best out there for babies & toddlers. I am proud to be associated with such an amazing company—and believe me, I am part of the process. I’m consulting on safety, development, and coming up with ideas with Sassy that will knock your socks off, mommies and daddies. Stay tuned, we’re going to have some FUN!