Monday, March 26, 2012

Ask Baby! Mirror Mirror On The Wall…

As we continue, here at Sassy Baby Toys, in what we are enjoying as our best month yet, we’re going to focus today (no pun intended) on mirrors. That glamorous Hollywood baby, Isabella is here with us and ready to answer a few questions! Here we go—a whole post dedicated to mirrors.

OSD: Do you like mirrors? 
B: OMG—I love mirrors! Are you kidding me? Me? Mirrors? That’s like asking me if I like to sleep. Yes! An overwhelming yes. Just about the coolest thing I can play with at my ripe age of 4-8 months.

OSD: Why are mirrors so wonderful at this age? 
I: Well, first of all, I can look at myself. Boy, oh boy, I am cute arent’t I? I can also look at you if you seat me on your lap or lie with me on the floor and we look together. I am just starting to associate movement of my own face with movement in the mirror—so you may see me giggle and coo and wave my hands if you’re lucky. I love seeing the reflection of bright colors in the mirror, too.

OSD: Is there anything we should look out for, safety wise, as we develop mirrors for you?
I: Thanks for asking about my safety, you’re always so conscious of that! Yes indeed! You can do me a favor and make sure the mirror is child safe (Not glass and no sharp edges, please!) and has sun protective features that means sun will not strike the mirror and be too bright for my little eyes.

OSD: Thank you for this fabulous month. Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I: Well, now that I think of it, the past month interviewing with you has been more than half of my life. I wonder if I’ll notice some wrinkes in the mirror?

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