Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ask Baby! Shapes, Colors & Focusing

We spent the last four postings interviewing our birth to 4 month old friend, Max, and now turn to the maturing 4 - 8 week old little one, Isabella. Ready on the set? We’re going live in 3 – 2 – 1 – lights, camera, action!

OSD: Tell us about your vision – what shapes and colors do you see and prefer now?
I: I am making a transition from preferring straight lines to more wavy lines. This happens as my ability to track improves. I love bold and distinct color contrast. Thankfully, those smarties at Sassy Baby Toys have been right on the mark making toys I like! You can move away from just the black, white and red color scheme (future fashionita here!) towards bright colors which are easier for me to distinguish. I like sharper lines delineating objects more than fuzzy, duller shaded lines. Also, I simply don’t dig pastels – they are a bit blah and bland for me to see and enjoy.

OSD: Tell us about movement – do you like when objects move? 
I: I like when objects move, as long as it’s slowly. I do not like jarring or quick movements. This is because my ability to track fast movements is limited.

OSD: Are you focusing your eyes?
I: I love to look at your face and focusing on something I love is a way I can improve my ability to focus. I may still be a little cross-eyed when I try to do it, but this will keep getting better and better.

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