Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sassy Silly Ways to Have Fun: Vision—Part Two!

Earlier this week, we gave you some cute ideas how to be sassy and silly with baby vision and now we’re really ready to jiggle it out. Whoops! I slipped! This One Sassy Doctor gave away the number one silliest way to have fun with baby vision!

  1. For babies about 4 months and up, a silly goofy “knock your socks off” rock out dance may be just about the super coolest thing ever! Let loose! Move! Rock! Flap those arms to the chicken dance! Wear a bright colored shirt or hold a scarf and wave it in the air while you dance it out. Include your partner or older siblings in the action! Shake it!
  2. Show your baby family photos. Babies love to see faces & colors. What’s better than showing baby your own family’s faces? Look for colorful pictures with close up faces and point out who is who to work on language development simultaneously.
  3. Read a book! Your baby is never too young to enjoy colorful pages, enhance language development (we’ll talk more about hearing in a later post this month) and be a little silly while doing so. Act out the animal movements for the elephant. Lift your arms in the air to show the shapes of rainbows or flying birds. Do what you can to engage baby in vision play—Sassy style!

  4. Blow bubbles with bubble gum. There is no medical science talking here, just momma experience—I could bubble then double bubble inside the bubble and even get to three or four. My babies would squeal with fascination. I’m inclined to believe it was the bubbles and not my bulging eyes—or maybe a combo deal. :) 

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