Monday, January 23, 2012

Sassy Silly Ways to Have Fun: Touch—Part One!

Touch is simply the most wonderful part of bonding we’re blessed to enjoy with our children. In fact, I’m at a loss for the perfect words to stress just how important for both mom, dad and baby the sensation of touch is in fostering security & developing attachment with baby is. Perhaps the word is love? Yep—that’s it. We show our love to babies through touch, and they show it right back to us the same way.

Through touch, babies also become more aware of their surroundings. They were in a warm and cozy tummy with fluid surrounding them for an entire pregnancy. Then they pop out into a room with bright lights and a bunch of doctors and nurses with masks on their faces. Give them a hug and cuddle with them after an experience like that!

This week, I’m going to give some tender, soft ways to have fun with touch with a little newborn in the first few weeks and next week we’ll get a little sillier!
  1. Stroke your hand on baby’s cheek and watch her turn towards you—this is called the rooting reflex—nature’s way to get baby to respond to touch thinking it’s a breast.
  2. If you have a breast (aka—this one’s for moms), use it. This applies for moms who are nursing or not nursing—and for moms who adopt children (We’re going to address this in a special blog post later on). Regardless of whether you plan to nurse, you can rest baby’s soft amazing head on your breast.
  3. Although sleeping with blankets or soft toys is not safe, you can use a soft silky blanket or toy to engage in touch play while baby is awake.

One Sassy Doctor recommends: