Monday, January 2, 2012

A Sassy Silly New Year!

Welcome to the newest year of your baby or toddler’s life! Oooooh, I’m soooo super excited for this special sassy month dedicated to two sassy-rific words: silly & development.

What’s better than being silly with baby? Being silly and having fun with our babies & toddlers is a fabulous way to promote development and bond with baby. Letting loose gives mom & dad a little taste of what it’s like to be a baby or toddler again. In the everyday stressors of life, we often lose the laughing & creativity that silly play has to offer. One Sassy Doctor’s prescription for “bringing silly back” is here!

I’ve shared before the silly kinds of games I play with my little ones. My kiddos are out of the baby & toddler stage now, yet our silly ways of bonding, growing and loving each other continue. Those habits and traditions start from the beginning. I just hope I can resist myself from doing a raspberry to my son on his wedding day! Sorry, dude, I did not mean to embarrass you, but isn’t that what moms are for? :)

From the very first day baby is born, baby is interested in the magical world around her! There’s a lot going on in that delicate & adorable little head—neuronal connections being formed and developed and all of that medical stuff I’ll save for my day job—the more exposure, the better for baby.

Here’s our very first One Sassy Doctor mathematical equation:

More Silly + More Developmental Play = Less Crying & More Fun

You can’t laugh and cry at the same time, right?

In fact, what drew me to the Sassy brand and what I love most about the One Sassy Doctor blog is the ability to add a little zippy-de-do-dah to the useful content we provide our readers. So, away we go! We’re going to divvy up our content this month the Sassy way—by inspiring the senses! We’ll talk about Sassy silly ways to enjoy our babies and toddlers through taste, smell, vision and hearing all month long as we start this amazing new year!

Have a happy & healthy new year to our amazing readers—get your dancing shoes ready and your energy up—we’re going to have some fun!

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