Thursday, September 20, 2012

How to Teach Your Baby Math Concepts

In our last post, we talked about why it’s important to teach your baby math. As promised, we’ll give you some tangible ideas and activities to start teaching your baby concepts! Don’t worry, it’s nothing too tricky. Here, I’ll give you three concepts, and three very easy ways to bring them to life.

Help your baby begin to learn the ability to focus and grasp the essence of an object. Keep it simple! The possibilities are endless! Your child may not have the answer yet, but you can answer as both verbal and math skills are fostered together. Try these Sassy questions as starters!
  • What color is that house?
  • How many legs does that dog have?
  • How many plates are on the dinner table? How many prongs does this fork have?
One of my favorite activities is combining snack time with observation time. Use Cheerios to help your baby count. Remove some (by snacking!) or add some from the box.

This is a central process for your baby to develop. There are easy examples to help your baby gain this cognitive ability. Comparisons are everywhere. Ask your baby questions like:

Which is larger: a pea or a potato? Which is larger: this chair or that couch?

Don’t be afraid to point out comparisons when you see them. Help your baby understand comparisons.

A game I like to play involves height comparison. Have your little one help you decide who is taller: mom, dad or sister. Have him help physically place you in order of height.

Physical categorization is great for your baby’s brain. Let him sort items based on color, shape or size. For an additional challenge, let him help you count the items in each pile. Let your baby categorize his building blocks, or sort things like tennis balls and baseballs or cups and plates (plastic or paper, please!). Remember, only let your baby play with safe item; we have some amazing ones here at Sassy Baby Toys!

Start your baby out early, and she will be a whiz before you know it!