Thursday, September 13, 2012

Childcare Transition

Transitioning to childcare could be difficult for young ones- especially if you have been your child’s primary caregiver previously. Going to a new location, or having a new person in your home can be challenging for a baby. Here are some sassy tips to ease the transition to childcare.

Take A Trip! 

One of the best ways to transition smoothly to childcare is by having your child visit the facility prior to attending. Let him meet the caregivers and other children, this will comfort your child when the time comes to start fulltime childcare. Be careful to not push your little one to interact with the others. He may not be ready to play with the other tots. Surprise is not the way to go in One Sassy Doctor’s opinion. We did field trips galore with every new step (day care, nursery school, kindergarten).

Explain What Will Happen 
If your tot is old enough to grasp the concept of childcare, try to simply explain what will happen. Explain to her that you must go to work, but that you (or whoever your pickup designee is) will be there every day to bring her home. You might consider reading a picture book with your tot to illuminate the childcare concept.

Be Positive 
This is one of the most important sassy tips. Be positive and smile when you’re talking about childcare. If you don’t like the idea of daycare, your child will notice your skepticism. Be optimistic about the fun your child will have during his new experience.

Bring Something Special 
Let your child bring an item that will make him remember home. If he is old enough, let him choose his favorite stuffed animal or blanket to accompany him to daycare. If your baby is not yet old enough to choose his own, you should pack a toy that will remind your child of home.

Don’t Be Late! 
If possible (You’re a mom, things happen!), pick your child up from daycare on time. This is especially important during the first few weeks. As we mentioned in an earlier post, a steady routine brings your child comfort.

The transition to day care is challenging, but with some of these tips, you and your child will be just fine.