Thursday, September 6, 2012

Activities for When Big Brother and Sister Are at School

This month, we’re focusing on how to help your little ones when big brother and sister go back to school. While your older kids are off at school, help your babies explore and learn at home. Here are some fun, easy and cheap at-home activities to try!

As I mentioned earlier, let your little one choose some safe and inexpensive school supplies when you’re doing back-to-school shopping for your older kids. If your little one is ready for it, crayons are a great choice. These days, there are lots of varieties; some with easy-grip for toddlers. Let your child be creative with the crayons (or finger paint: on paper, not the walls!). I’m a big proponent of using blank paper, not coloring books to really let their creativity bloom. Talk to them about colors and shapes.

Problem Solving
Just because your baby is young doesn’t mean they can’t partake in some fun and sassy, brain-building activities! Let them build with blocks, sort their toys, try on your shoes or play with household items. Obviously, your first priority should be safety. Let your little ones sort the kitchen dish towels and potholders while you’re cleaning!

Visit the Library
Take a field trip with your baby to the library. Pick out some new and fun children’s books! Focus on books that teach your little one about colors, shapes or even animals; it’s fun to make animal noises. Your little one will love it! Oink oink!