Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Our Double Twin Travel Adventure!

We’re hopping and bopping over here at Sassy—on the move and in the groove. Getting up and getting out is a wonderful part of parenting, but it presents challenges as well. In this first blog post in our series on “Get Up & Go, Sassy Style”, I’m going to share a personal story about my family’s trip to California a few years ago—where my husband’s family lives. Here are the preparation and execution steps we used for this massive undertaking! I’m also going to share the mistakes I made and lessons learned. At the time, our twin girls were close to four years old, and our twin sons were close to one year old.

  1. Four car seats in the minivan. Middle of the winter. Flight left 6 am, so we were up and ready by 3:45 am. 
  2. Friend in a second car following us to the airport with the excess luggage. I packed: 
    • Diapers for two weeks (totally unnecessary!) 
    • Breast pump (I was barely pumping at that point but took it anyway) and formula/bottles for two full days of food. 
    • Baby food for two weeks. 
    • Little girl dresses for a fashion show—14 total (what, are there no washing machines at my mother in law’s house?) 
    • Stroller—for the little guys (Our big ones were out of the stroller at age two; I’ll get to that in a later post!) 
    • Adult luggage 
  3. Arrival at airport—too much luggage! Paid for excess baggage which far exceeded the cost of the diapers and baby formula. 
  4. Stroller to gate, airplane packs of food, bottles and activities for all of the kids (surprises to keep the 6 hour flight spunky). 
  5. Moment we got on the airplane—Barf! Daughter massively vomits all over the place. 
  6. Changed her clothes—people smelling the grossness all around us. 
  7. Kids were all cranky throughout the flight. 
  8. In-laws meet us on the other end with their car to carry the second caboose of paraphernalia we packed. My mother in law kept asking me, “Why didn’t I buy the diapers and food, Jen?” What was I thinking!? 
  9. Didn’t go back to California for a year! My in-laws visit us a lot more now. 
I learned that I should have ordered the baby products online or shopped at our destination. I also learned that during travel, it’s a lot easier to wash outfits than bring too much! And I learned that having the in-laws visit was a lot easier and more enjoyable despite the better weather in California!