Thursday, April 19, 2012

Healthy Parents: Arrive Prepared

Have you been enjoying this month of nutritional tips from One Sassy Nutritionist? She’s amazing, huh? We love Heather from Nu-Train and these practical, sensible tips.

OSD: And what do you have in store for us this week? 
H: A great one! Haven’t you noticed, I’m sassy too, Dr. Jen!


Cupcakes and candy are always in abundance at kids social gatherings. Often times, moms are handed a slice of birthday cake as well and feel obligated to eat it. Ease temptation by arriving to gatherings having already eaten

OSD: But at those birthday parties, isn’t it your obligation to have some cake? Come on! It’s a birthday! 
H: Nothing is absolute. Never say never in nutrition. However, arrive prepared so you’re not famished and turning to the cakes & chips to satisfy your hunger. You can still have a taste (come on, we’ve all dipped the finger in the icing!) yet you are less likely to want to eat dissatisfying sweets if you have something in your stomach.

OSD: Good one—and maybe bring along some healthy snacks like fruit if it’s a pot luck kind of party? 
H: Exactly! Think ahead. In fact, that’s part of our tip for next week!

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