Monday, April 23, 2012

Healthy Parents: Be That Mom

We’ve had some great feedback on Facebook & Twitter from these awesome nutrition blogs for parental behaviors from Heather Bauer at Nu-Train. In fact, thinking about whole family health and happiness is what Sassy is all about—happy parents mean happy children. So, we’ve covered the importance of a healthy buddy and the importance of planning ahead for birthday parties, and focused on the behaviors of healthy eating rather than calories or the exact foods to eat. Welcoming back Heather for Tip #7:

OSD: 7 is a lucky number. Give us a good one, One Sassy Nutritionist! 
H: Okay, here you go! Lucky 7!

Whether you're going to a BBQ or Mommy appreciation Day at the school, try to bring something besides processed cakes and cookies.

OSD: What are some suggestions?
H: If kids are going to be there, think ahead about the age and what kids AND parents can eat for healthy choices. For older kids, a fruit platter or crudités (veggie plate) are classic favorites that don't scream "health nut!". For the little ones, think small cut up pieces of berries for the kiddos, and larger pieces for the moms!

OSD: And your kids will be okay with that, don’t all kids want the chocolate chip cookie momma?

H: You’d be surprised! Modeling healthy habits from a young age for children is the key to establishing life long behaviors. They’ll get the cookies—which are just fine for a healthy and active child following a colorful plate philosophy. You don’t have to be the cookie mom; you can be the strawberry momma!

OSD: Good point, and maybe helping other parents shift habits, too. Because those school social gatherings are truly a place where a lot of junk food is modeled for young kids. Great tip, Heather!

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